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Investment Planning

PLANNING BASED.  Inspired by clients' life purpose and passion. We take time to get to know our clients and build deep, lasting relationships. Through this process we gain an understanding of the overall picture, where you are now as well as goals and vision for the future. We assess your Risk Tolerance and clearly define your personal objectives.

RESEARCH.  Our research is intensive and collaborative involving fundamental and technical research. Our unique perspective is the result of an unwavering commitment to due diligence, fundamental research, precision and hard work. Our team has the experience, state-of-the-art technologies and the skill set necessary to interpret and apply continually changing information. Privately held and independent, we take the time required to perform crucial research.

DISCIPLINED.  We employ a disciplined, consistent investment process. Because of decades of experience, we know market cycles change often. Our disciplined approach strives to provide our clients to with the best possible strategy to succeed over market cycles, take advantage of volatility, and reach your long-term goals.

The Cycle of Investing

RISK MANAGEMENT.  We monitor risk closely by using uncorrelated asset classes to provide true diversification; this helps with minimizing risk in an attempt to avoid a substantial loss. 

CUSTOMIZED.  Together we create an Investment Policy Statement, gathering information on the financial position, parameters and risk tolerance unique to your interests and ultimate goals. We invest clients' money as if it were our own. We invest with you, not just for you. We seek only your satisfaction, not the approval of the broader investment community. 

MONITORING PORTFOLIOS.  We actively manage portfolios by evaluation, modification and communication.

  • EVALUATION. Portfolios are monitored on a daily basis.
  • MODIFICATION. Modifications are made as changes occur in the markets and with clients goals and objectives.
  • COMMUNICATION. We communicate in a timely and honest fashion through quarterly reviews and more often by phone or email when necessary. We build meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients and are committed to open communication and mutual respect.

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