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Who We Are

WE ARE CONNECTED.  Husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. We deeply appreciate the value of family and the importance of passing on more than merely a financial inheritance. We want to help you become proactive in crafting a family legacy that includes passing on wisdom, character and faith.

WE ARE COMPETITORS.  We are collegiate athletes, marathon runners and weekend enthusiasts with a drive to succeed. We approach our work with the same ambition and fortitude to overcome obstacles with ingenuity and deliver superior results in every circumstance. 

WE ARE SERVANTS.  We have open hearts for the work God is doing through domestic and international ministries. We support these organizations and our local churches through service, prayer and our own financial contributions. As your Financial Advisors, the plans we design will go beyond "the how" of investments and money-generating strategies to also address "the why"-the positive impact you wish to make on the world and within your family and community.

WE ARE ACTIVATORS.  We want to be the spark that transforms the way you think about your finances and ignites your ambition to do more. We will challenge and encourage you as we move forward together, and achieve higher levels of confidence, generosity and joy.