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Why Us?

WE ARE NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL ADVISORY FIRM.  While we may use similar tactics as conventional wealth management companies, our philosophy, process, and ultimate purpose set us apart.

RATHER THAN ACCUMULATING WEALTH WITHOUT PURPOSE, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU LEVERAGE YOUR ASSETS TO MAKE A POWERFUL IMPACT ON THE WORLD. We build our plans on the foundation of Life Stewardship and incorporate the values of generosity, integrity, prayer and joy. We are here to exhort and guide you through intentional decisions based on the business, individual, family and spiritual legacies that you intend to leave.

WE BRING EXPERTISE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS.  We collaborate with a team of experts, giving us a competitive edge to provide business owners with the tools they need to protect their business now and prepare it for future transfer. We bring expertise and years of experience as business owners ourselves, helping us develop a precise process to consistently provide clients with the best possible experience.

AS AN INDEPENDENT GROUP OF ADVISORS, WITH STEWARDSHIP ADVISORY GROUP LLC, OUR LOYALTIES LIE WITH YOU. We are not preoccupied by allegiances to mutual funds companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies or other financial institutions. We have access to excellent independent research, and state-of-the-art technologies, while offering a compelling value proposition and superior personal service.

WE HAVE SUPREME CONFIDENCE IN OUR AFFILIATIONS.  Founded and led by CEO Jeff Rogers, the Stewardship Advisory Group has been helping people wisely plan for the financial futures for more than 25 years. United Planners, our brokerage firm, offers the finest products and specialized services available from an independent securities broker dealer.